“Bringing North American Christians and International students into dialog and discussion that produces understanding, transformation and lifelong friendships.”
“My family and I enjoyed hosting Marlyn and Francisco in March. They read from our Spanish version “The Hungry Caterpillar” (“La Oruga Muy Hambrienta”) to our two preschool aged children, Alexandra and Christian. They were mesmerized! Francisco shared picture postcards of their native Venezuela; we all enjoyed looking at those. We then showed Francisco and Marlyn the world map mural painted on Christian’s bedroom wall. They were able to pinpoint their hometowns for us. We agreed to host them again after Spring Break. We would like to have them over again in mid-April. Remind them to bring their swimsuits!”

Donald Carey

“I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to a wonderful family such as the Kelly’s. Being with them is the closest feeling to home I have had in the past few months.”

from Kuwait

“…it’s so inspiring that we have some real good friends in this world who are willing to share our difficulties even we don’t see each other before, sometimes maybe for ever, this kind of deed is affecting me day after day, I am more optimistic with everything now. Thank you very much again! God bless you!”

from PRC
“Thanks a lot for the opportunity to dine with Bob’s Family…it was a memorable experience..thanks once again.”

from India

“I highly appreciate your contribution to the international students.
You have done a great job!”

Dr. Hongyang, Ph.D.

“During my stay here, though I didn’t go to church much, your and your staff’s unconditional dedication to international students have greatly impressed me. Your patience, your passion, your selflessness have a profound impact on me. I know they all come from the strong faith you have in God.

You can never imagine how much your help meant to me when I first came here. It gave me the sense of home and security. I know I can always turn to you guys when I face problems I cannot get over by myself. I know you will always be there.

Thanks again,

I will remember for the rest of my life how a church helped people and is still helping…”

Shuwei Tao

“Being involved with Friends of Internationals literally changed my whole perspective and way of thinking. Hanging out with International students opened my eyes to just how big and amazing the world really is and how every culture is unique and valuable.”

Cortney Stewart

“When I first came to America I was an atheist. I was very critical about religion because of my education in Marxism. I couldn’t listen to any preachers and I had no interest in Christianity at all because I thought it
was ridiculous…(My friend from Friends of Internationals) showed me what Jesus will do for people, no matter whether you are Christians, where you are from, or which color skin you have…That was the door that opened for me to see God and to know God…”

a Chinese PhD student