Driving Tips

Driving Tips:

  1. Please pay attention when you are driving through a major intersection. Over 95% of motor vehicle accidents happen in intersections. You not only have to watch the traffic light, but you also need to watch for cars that may ignore a traffic light or stop sign.
  2. When passing through any intersection you should always do the following: Look for oncoming traffic to the left, right and then left again.
  3. Tap your brakes when you are slowing down. This warns the driver behind you that you are about to stop or turn. The most common traffic accident is one car rear hitting the back of another car, primarily at an intersection.
  4. Always use your turn signal when turning. Turn it on no less than 150 feet before you turn.
  5. Don’t drive and look for unknown roads at the same time. When you leave to visit a place you are not familiar with, you should find it on the map before you go there. Have another person with you to assist you in finding a place you are not familiar with.
  6. Don’t drive over the speed limit. Especially at night and during stormy weather.
  7. Keep up with the traffic. People will become angry with you if you drive far below the speed limit.
  8. Make sure your brake lights and turn signals work. Occasionally have someone stand behind your car to verify they work.